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Vintage style military bag shirt

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Product details

product details

The twill cotton material that is often used in military uniforms,

Napping is applied to make the fabric ball up,
To create a natural sense of vintage style, as well as the sense of chain washing of the years,
►Achieve soft hand feeling,
►High skin-friendly effect,
►It also enhances heat preservation, which is more suitable for the current season.

The style design is based on the concept of a paratrooper's chest hanging bag.
Three large and small three-dimensional pockets extending from the back to the chest through the decorative strap,
In addition to increasing the sense of visual hierarchy, it is also practical for storage,

Loose body, slightly long version design, showing a lazy visual sense,
The half-opening design clears the visual space of the lower body and modifies the proportions of the figure.
Japanese-made re-engraved urea army buckle is selected and matched to highly express the atmosphere of battlefield.

Material: Cotton 100%

Color: Army Green

Size: M / L

Shoulder width: M55.5 / L56.5
Chest width: M59 / L61
Length: M83 / L84
Sleeve length: M56.5 / L57.5
Cuff width: M11.6 / L12.2

▲The above dimensions are all in cm

Model Height: 176cm / Weight: 60kg [For size L]

Origin / manufacturing method

Selection of Japanese-made A-level fabrics / Taiwan department store counter team production

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