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Circle yarn lapel cardigan sweater

TWD $3,480

TWD $2,958

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Product details

The Bouclé wool fabric made by the well-established Yamatomi store established in Osaka in 1946 is used.

Bouclé is French, meaning volume curl
Chinese called wool blended loop yarn,

The surface looks like mohair and the rolled tissue like a towel is a major feature.

Light, fluffy and warm with a skin-friendly touch of the flesh,
Texture materials often used in Italian high-end coats,
Woven through the "spinning" technique,

It is a weaving method that directly knits the shaved wool without finishing and carding, keeping the wool in its original state.

The amount of wool used is also large, so it has the feeling of thick and fluffy flesh.

If you look closely at the fabric structure, you will find that each bunch of wool is densely displayed like hair.
Because of this, it can effectively isolate the outside air like hair, and prevent internal temperature from flowing out,
To achieve a good thermal insulation effect.

This kind of construction method is derived from the traditional Italian manufacturing process in the Middle Ages, and the inspiration is from the clothes after the fluffing ball.
Also because of the curly appearance, even if the hair ball has been used for many years, there is no difference.
And the more you wear it, the better the effect.

Sweater knitwear has a unique intellectual and professional elegance.

It is highly recommended for important appointments or client-facing occasions.

Material: Polyester 48% Acrylic 40% Wool 12%

Color: Twist Grey

Size: F

Shoulder width: 57
Chest width: 120
Length: 72
Sleeve length: 62
Cuffs: 21

*The above unit is cm flat size

Model Height: 178cm / Weight: 73kg

Origin / manufacturing method
Japanese-made A-grade fabric selection / Taiwan department store team manufacturing


◼︎ The merchandise is sold in limited quantities. Please complete the remittance within 3 days after placing the order, and the system will automatically cancel the order if it is overdue.

◼︎ The product will be shipped to you within 3 days after the remittance is confirmed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays), please wait patiently, thank you.

◼︎ Because each computer monitor is different, the color of the displayed picture will vary somewhat. The goods are subject to the actual product. Buyers who mind the color difference, please consider before placing an order.

◼︎ Due to factors such as fabric elasticity, washing treatment, etc., when manually measuring each product, it is normal that the error is within 2-3 cm.

◼︎ If the buyer has any questions about the color or fabric of the product, it is recommended to ask before placing the order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.


Circle yarn lapel cardigan sweater

TWD $3,480

TWD $2,958


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