Japanese Washi shirt

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Product details

washi shirts

Jointly developed with Taiwanese artist, Zishi, the shirt uses materials of the highest grade, and is faithful to the ancient Japanese style of "Binwa Washi". A Japanese washi shirt designed with origami in mind.

The process adheres to the most traditional handmade method of "tesuki", which involves spreading the pulp dissolved in water evenly on bamboo mats, and then waiting for a long period of time.

The result is thin but strong Japanese paper known as washi.
Although the finished product is not as smooth as machine-made paper,
it has a unique fibrous touch, slightly stimulating the nerves on the fingertip as you touch it,

giving an old-school feel now rare in this age of machines. The design is based on the concept of origami.
The placket is folded up and downwards to give the appearance of folded paper. The simple design is used to bring out the uniqueness of the texture of the paper.

zishi artist

The "tiger" described by Zishi's blue and white porcelain paint strokes vividly jumps over the inner collar.
Here, the fresh cyan breath weakens the ferocious image of the tiger,
while its beautiful and energetic qualities give brilliance to the washi shirt, giving it an overall elegance that is oriental. It may look like a piece of clothing, but it is more like a piece of "artwork" to us.


Washi Fiber's characteristics
▸ Washi fiber is loosely knit and very lightweight, like air.
▸ Excellent sweat absorption, quick-drying, refreshing, and breathable.
▸ Does not degrade, maintaining its original appearance for many years.
▸ Bio-degradable and environmental-friendly.

Material: Cotton 85% washi 15%
Color: White
Size: M / L

Bust : M60 / L62
Shoulder : M55.5 / L56.5
Length : M75 / L76
Sleeve Length: M41 / L42
Cuff width: M39 / L40

*The above measurements are flat and in centimeters.

Model Height: 179cm Weight: 76kg (wearing size : XL)

This product is made from high-quality fabric imported from Japan.
Made in Taiwan.

washi style 001

washi style002

zishi artister

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