2020SS Lookbook - ⌈逆境與光明⌋ - Radiance and Adversity

15 Apr, 2020 lookbook











Recently, many events have been happening in Taiwan and the rest of the world, which might inevitably raise concerns of an impending apocalypse and cause people to ponder the uncontrollability and uncertainty of the future.
Were it not for Taiwanese people’s alertness, Taiwan wouldn’t be able to unite and form a solid safety net, rise from adversity, and serve as a role model for the world.

As the saying goes, "Circumstances, whether favorable or not, are dictated by fate. The best thing to do is to face it calmly." In the face of adversity, we must stand strong and brave in order to adapt to the direction of the headwinds so we can fly higher and farther.
One who is truly strong excels at spotting the looming shadows when all seems well and finding hope when all seems lost. Also, one always calibrates one's goal while advancing, for when facing the unfavorable, one must have even greater confidence than usual.
We must also often tell ourselves that we can only have everything by conquering adversity. If we cannot deal with setbacks, we will only end up losing everything.

Because of this, the theme for Machismo's 2020 Spring and Summer series is "Radiance and Adversity”.

We use Japanese Two Ways Stretch-elastic fabric and tough Milano hoper cotton for our pieces. The fabrics offer high elasticity and high-density stiffness, which symbolizes the high levels of resilience and solidity needed when facing adversity.

Our clothing also features contrasting colors including light blue, gray, and army green. This palette exhibits the conflict between radiance and adversity and the nature of the dichotomy in this situation.

For this season, we continue to implement our signature loose-fitting cut and style with an emphasis on comfort. The outlook is minimalistic and neat, perfect for both staying in and going out. In these critical times when we all try to stay home as much as possible, we can still enjoy carefree comfort and taste.

Last, let's all pray that the world will soon recover from this once-in-a-thousand-years virus crisis.








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